Homes, but has since been included in UK Building Regulations and is now known as "Section 4 / Criterion 5" Provisions for energy efficient operation of a building. Although as usual the requirement takes some time to filter through to building control (usually a couple of years) at some point in the not so distant future local authorities will start asking for a Home User Guide as well as SAP Calculations and Part G Calculations. 

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Why not give householders the access to information to help them run their new home efficiently? Information on how to use such things as controls for modern boilers, heat pumps and ventilation systems, modern systems can be a bit like standing on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise and can be quite overwhelming to householders who grew up in a very different age where on and off where the options to most appliances and services. In the modern age we have access to amazing new ways to deliver information to householders, many now have high speed internet access as standard, this means content delivery is a whole lot simpler. Giving householders the opportunity to visit a website and login to information that is only relevant to their home and its features has to be the way forward.


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