What is a Home User Guide?

What is a Home User Guide?

A Home User Guide is designed to give information to anyone moving into a new home, the idea for such a user guide was developed as part of the Code for Sustainable Homes, extra credits were given for compatible Home User Guides that covered a specific set of details. Now, with the demise of the Code for Sustainable Homes, the Home User Guide has been incorporated into UK Building Regulations and is now called "Criterion 5 Section 4" Provisioning for energy-efficient operation of the dwelling. Under this criteria a Home User Guide should be given to a householder with sufficient information about the building, the criteria also recommends retaining an electronic copy of the guide for future reference, that's where we come in.

Benefits of Digital

There are many benefits to providing new householders a digital version of a guide, least of which is the ability to update the guide almost instantly, with our online system a householder can add or amend information such as user guides for appliances, energy supplier information, location of service points and much more, unlike a paper version of the householder support pack which is becomes not fit for purpose the minute anything changes. By giving your clients access to our system they will have 24/7 365 days a year access to their information.

What's included in the guide?

The Home User Guides provided by householder support contain the following information and meet the mandatory requirements for both the Code for Sustainable Homes and Home Quality Mark, as well as complying with Section 4, Criterion 5 of current building regulations.

  • Instruction on effective use of the installed heating and ventilation systems
  • Digital version of the user manuals for all installed appliances
  • A digital copy of the on construction EPC
  • A digital copy of the SAP Calculations
  • Links to local medical services i.e. Doctors, Dentists etc: 
  • Information on service locations around the home i.e. Stopcock, Meters etc:
  • Information on other local services, i.e. Library, Schools etc:
  • Contact numbers for all service providers i.e. British Gas, Water etc:
  • Important information on potential unseen issues i.e. VOC's, Carbon Monoxide risk
  • Information on security both inside and outside the home

The above list is not an exhaustive one and we continue to develop new information streams that will help householders not only run their homes effectively but also safely, if you would like to know more or see a demonstration of one of the finished guides please contact us on 0800 634 9269 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  we look forward to hearing from you.

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